In general our tapestries are prepared with traméd designs,
this means a thread of wool is stretched horizontally across the canvas. All you have to do is cover this thread with stitches. Prepared in this way the colours are precisely indicated.

We supply the wool indicated by the traméd stitches needed to complete the tapestry.

Tapestries may be worked using half stitches, gobelin stitch, quarter point or cross stitch depending on the design selected.



Wool is available in two qualities: either fine quality worked in three or four strands or thick quality, worked in two or three strands depending on the canvas used and the size of the stitch required by the design.

Wools are spun and dyed by Manufacture LANGLOIS.

Depending on the designs, preparation may be simplified:

Contour tramé (contour indicated): The contour has been worked and a coloured thread of wool indicates the interior colour.


Indiqué (design indicated): The motif is outlined in black ink on the canvas, with colours indicated by a thread of wool to be removed when the canvas is worked..



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